Sean Rice winner of the Bollenboys Dutch Coast Race 2016

What a great day! Allmost 100 paddlers started this morning with a light wind and some nice waves from the back, but after 5km the wind picked up and the advancend to beginner athlete had a lot of fun. In the end there was 1 winner, Sean Rice, well done to you and all the other athletes!

Official results can be found here:

1. Sean Rice (South Africa)
2. Jasper Mocke (South Africa)
3. David Slazchta (France)

1. Angie Mouden (France)
2. Chloe Bunnett (Spain)
3. Sara Rafael(Portugal)

Dutch Championships Men:
1. Joep van bakel
2. Robin Koenders
3. Rolph Overvliet

Dutch Championships Women:
1. Eef Haaze
2. Kitty Schiphorst
3. Rebecca de Vroome

Dutch Championships Masters Men:
1. Rolph Overvliet
2. Rick Daman
3. Marco van Noort


Posted on October 1, 2016 by Robin

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