Opening Sports At Sea

Yesterday was a special day for Surfski Holland, it was the grand opening of Sports At Sea(S@S)in Castricum. S@S is a total new concept in Holland, a place were kite surfing, wind surfing, wave surfing, sea fishing, sailing, beach volleyball and off course Surfski comes together. 
It took the foundation Sports at Sea a little bit longer than 1 year, to create this perfect spot from nothing. An amazing achievement!

Surfski Holland is really glad to be part of this place, and we see a big opportunity to make our sport bigger in Holland thanks to S@S!

At the grand opening Surfski Holland organized a couple of things. We started in the morning with an "opstapdag".  A moment for new ski paddlers were they get instructions from Hollands best paddlers. It were perfect conditions, there were nice wave breakers and behind the breakers good waves to surf on. Ideal for learning how to remount in waves and how to surf back to the coast through the waves. 

After the "opstapdag" people were free to grap an Epic v8 and try it out. It was really nice to see that people with no experience could sit up straight and have a lot of fun in the waves. 
There was also a double ski. And people could jump in the backseat and enjoy the moment of going 500 meter out in the sea and surf back. 

At the end of the day we made a lot of people smile and let them experience the Surfski sport!


More photo's.

Posted on June 22, 2014 by Robin

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