Official Program Dutch Coast Race weekend

The official program for the Dutch Coast Race is now online. It is going te be a downwind from Castricum aan zee to Hargen on saturday and sprintraces on sunday.
But first we want to thank all our partners who made this race possible, especially Kanocentrum Arjan Bloem and Ed van Wijngaarden from



The Program:

Friday 3 october:

-16:00 till 18:00 trainingsession @ Sports at Sea:

Saturday 4 october:

-9.30 till 10.30 Pick up your goodie bag(race number etc.) at Sports At Sea
-10:30 till 10:45 Bring your plastic bag with dry stuff to the blue Volkswagen Transporter, this will be transported to the finish line 
-10:45 till 11:15 Briefing athletes
-11:15 till 11:45 warming up 
-11:45 clear the course, lining up boats
-12:00 Start race at Sports At Sea, Castricum aan Zee
-13:00-14:30 finish of athletes in Hargen aan Zee
-After race put your boat on a trailer
-15:00 A coach bus will bring everybody back to Castricum aan Zee 
-16:00 Price giving
-17:00 Dinner + party at Club Zand

Sunday 5 october

- 11:00 Testing specskis
- 12:00 Race briefing
- 12:30 Start Sprint Races
- 14:30 Finish Sprint races
- 15:00 price giving
- 15:30 End

Some tips for the weekend:
- The adress of the parking place is 
Zeeweg 45
1901 NZ Castricum
Make sure you ask for a receipt so you can enter more than once a day

- If you want to eat at a beachclub, please go eat at Club Sand. (if you want to eat your own food you can eat that at Sports At Sea)

Posted on October 1, 2014 by Robin

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