New Head Sponsor: Dutch Coast Race

We are proud that this years Dutch Coast Race has got, for the first time, a new head sponsor. That means that the Dutch Coast race this year will be...........

"Bollenboys Dutch Coast Race"

The Bollenboys are two guys who have a heart for flowers. One works in the flowers, Marco van Noort , and one has build machine for flowers, Martien Heemskerk, and both live in Zuid Holland. One of the best places for flowers, that is why the name is Bollenboys, (bollen is Dutch for bulbs)

Marco and Martien are also two fanatic Sursfki paddlers who are addicted to the sea and paddling. We are really glad that the Bollenboys are now sponsors for our Bollenboys Dutch Coast Race!

Posted on May 16, 2016 by Robin

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