Downwind North Sea 8-3

Sunday 9-3-2014, wonderful weather, great conditions at sea & a nice group made our downwind perfect.

16 degrees in March is rather strange in NL, but we are enjoying it every minute.

We decided to paddle from Castricum towards Hargen, the 2014 Dutch Coast Race route! The wind was blowing from South with about 15 knots.
Waves were small but perfect to surf. 
The current was with us this time, so it couldn't get better, oké maybe the waves could be higher.

We made some new agreements about safety on the water, during every downwind there will be one trip leader, this person explains the route, will check all paddlers on leash & flare & phone & good clothing for the conditions. Sunday was the first time for this and Emiel had this honnor.

We are still paddling in our dry-suit for safety, the water is still very cold, but it was "hot" inside the suit and probably one of the last time that we need it.

The small waves weren't easy to get but once you had them it was easy to keep on going which made the downwind really nice, good training and big fun.

For some in the group it was hard work, especialy for Hans who paddled his first session after a few months of doing nothing and or the first time in a dry-suit.

Just have a look at the movie and join us on the next trip 

Special thanks to Jenny & Olivia for driving the cars.

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