DCR: Next week!

Next weekend the startsignal will sound on the beach for the Dutch Coast Race 2015! We allmost got 70 entries, a new record.
The weather forecast is looking good, hopefully the wind turns more to the north so we got a great downwind.

Remember for the Dutch paddlers, if you want to be Dutch Champion, make sure you got a license of the Dutch federation!

We will announce the race day of the downwind on thursday october 1. 

In the weekend there will be 2 options:

Option 1 Downwind on Saturday:
9:30 - 11 pm- pickup startnumber at sports at sea
11:00 - Race briefing
12 pm- 2pm - start at Castricum or Hargen
2 pm - 5pm - Finish at Hargen or Castricum
6 pm - Price ceremony and diner at club Zand
9:30 am -  clinic Oscar Chalupsky
11 am - Sprint races in doubles
2pm - Price Giving Ceremony sprint races

Option 2 downwind on sunday
11 am - Clinic Oscar Chalupsky
12:30 pm - Presentation about wave kayaking by Rein Hagenaars
2 pm - Sprint Races in doubles
6 pm - Medal Ceremony and diner at club Zand
9:30 till 10 am -  Pick up startnumber
10 am- Race Briefing
11am - 1pm - Start at Castricum or Hargen
1 pm - 3 pm - Finish At Hargen or Castricum
4 pm - Price Giving Ceremony at Sports At Sea






Posted on September 27, 2015 by Robin

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