Bollenboys Dutch Coast Race 2018 this saturday!

This years Bollenboys Dutch Coast Race will be held on saturday. The race will be from Hargen to Castricum. 

At this moment it is looking like there won't be much wind, but there will be current and swell from north to south with a little bit of sunshine in the face. So hopefully it will be a fast race. 
The track will look like this, this is also the page were you can follow the race. 

Results will be made possible by cloudtimer on this page.
The schedule:

We present you the schedule for this weekend with the downwind race on Saturday!
1. If you arive on Saturday, please load your ski on the trailers which you see on your way
towards the beach, use your own straps and start with the load on the highest bar (16 ski’s
on each trailer) Do not get the front of your ski past the wheel that’s on the front of the
trailer! (turning space)
2. Are you here before Saturday please load your boat on the trailers which are on the beach
located at Sports@Sea Friday afternoon, use same instructions as above. You can get your
goody bag on Friday 11:00 o’clock till 16:00 o’clock
3. 9:30 till 11:00 o’clock get your goody bag (race sticker FRONT LEFT)
4. 11:00 o’clock till 11:15 o’clock Briefing
5. Loading time untill 11:45 o’clock
6. 11:45 till 12:00 o’clock jump in the busses
7. 12:00 o’clock departure busses towards Hargen, address: Hargerstrandweg 1, Schoorl
8. 12:45 o’clockarive Hargen, get your ski and walk towards the beach (long walk)
9. 12:45 till 13:30 o’clock you will be checked on safety gear, this will happen during your walk
towards the beach, make sure you have a PFD, LEASH, FLARE and PHONE
10. 14:00 o’clock START RACE towards Castricum
11. 16:00 o’clock final finisher, to all: push the button at the finish line to stop your time!
12. Get dressed and take a nice hot soup at Club Zand
13. 17:00 o’clock prize giving ceremony at Club Zand
14. 18:00 o’clock DINER and after party
Get drunk, talk about the race, make friends but most of all enjoy “your way” at Club Zand!
Sunday 30-9-2018 Sprint races location SportsatSea
1. 11:00 till 12:00 o’clock Make your registration for this race
2. 13:00 o’clock Start first heat
3. 15:00 o’clock Final races
4. 15:15 o’clock prize ceremony
We hope you enjoyed some fantastic days at the beach, in the Northsea and at the Dutch Surfski Location! 

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