Battle of the Coast and Rondje Pampus

Like every year in june we have got to nice surski race. One is the Battle of the Coast in Zandvoort(North Sea) and the other one is Rondje Pampus in the Markermeer.

Battle of the Coast
Like the last 3 editions Battle of the Coast was big again. The waves were around 1 meter and the paddlers had to do a 1,5 km km lap 4 times. In the end Joep van Bakel won the race, Arjan Bloem second and Marco van Noort 3th. More information over the race:

Rondje Pampus
Pampus is an old defense structure in the middle of the Markermeer. Like last year, KanoKay organised a nice race around this island. On a friday night 14 surfski paddlers started the race on a little beach and made the 6km paddle to the island of Pampus. With a good head wind to the Island with some nice waves, the paddlers new there would be some nice surf back to the beach. And after the 12k race, Joep van Bakel won the race, Robin Koenders was second and Marco van Noort 3th.  There was also a shorter round that was won by Jan Willem den Hartog. 

The next race a lot of Surfski Holland paddlers are going to attend is the Summer Challenge in Portugal.

Posted on June 10, 2017 by Robin

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